Here is a quick overview of what's staying and what's going in the new service Impress Kids : Games.

What's staying (or new!):
  • The games! Users will be able to continue to play our great games, Verse Hero, Lily Pad Hop, and Ganny's Bible Dojo. Registered users will have their scores and progress saved.
  • Sharing. Users will be able to share a link to a game/verse combination (I'm calling this a Verse Challenge or just a Challenge) so that anyone with the link can play it. This is how leaders can share a Verse Challenge with their kids.
  • Your accounts, games, scores, and progress. We will transition these to the new site so you can pick up where you left off. (Except for the media activities noted below)

What’s going:
  • The fees! That’s right, the new service is free for everyone.
  • Under the new structure there will no longer be Places and the ability for Leaders to manage child accounts under that Place. Users will manager their accounts independently.
  • The "Say It" and "Media Player" activities. But you can continue to link to embedded media resources on your own.
  • Phone support. But you can user our Support Center to continue to get help.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as well as your prayers and support and I hope to continue what Impress Kids started and possibly in the future even grow the service to provide more.

For God’s glory,
Andrew Hawes

Got Questions? Let us know.